How to optimize PUBG Mobile for cut phones

How to optimize PUBG Mobile for cut phones


Apple’s nasty solution to locate the front camera and sensors on the close-up iPhone X has stormed the Android smartphone ecosystem, and while some vendors have come up with innovatively to addresses the same problems, the notch is now a cut on most Android smartphones. If you want a smartphone, one of the easiest solutions is to place the front camera and sensors, but it has its own fair share. The most tricky issue is that the notch interferes with some of the user interface elements of full-screen apps and games, and those who play PUBG Mobile on the toothed smartphone know exactly what I’m talking about. In case you are looking for a solution to your troubles, optimize PUBG Mobile for cut phones:

Optimize PUBG Mobile for cut phones

The notched are differently shaped and sizes, making it quite difficult for PUBG Mobile developers to customize the game’s user interface depending on all the different styles. To address this issue, PUBG Mobile has recently received a special shift to optimize the game for clipped screens, making it easier for users of clipped smartphones to optimize the game’s UI for their smartphones. Here’s how to use this setting to optimize PUBG Mobile to cut your smartphone:

To optimize PUBG Mobile, the settings window must be opened by tapping the gear in the lower right corner of the game lobby.

Know tape them “Graphics” table in there settings menu and scrolling down to select the new “Non-Standard Screens” option. Note that the new settings is not yeti available on all smartphones. For example, if you checked on OnePlus 6, the game willing not display the options and will automatically move the entire game to the Right, leaving an unmarked black bar. Some other phones, including the OnePlus 5 and the OnePlus 5T, had the feature visible, so you should come to your phone soon.

The setting is “Normal” by default, and you can select “Rounded Corners” or “Note” depending on the device you are using. After selecting the appropriate setting, click the yellow “OK” button in the lower right corner.

The game will now appear in a pop-up window with “New settings applied. Decrease the frame rate if it fluctuates. Touch “OK” and restart the game for the settings to take effect.

When you restart the game, you’ll notice that the UI elements have been moved slightly inward, ensuring that the cut doesn’t interfere with any of the game’s buttons (see the screenshot attached to the comparison). This setting moves the UI items to the left and right of the game.

Left, Rights: UI Optimized for Notch

Well, that’s all! You have successfully optimized PUBG Mobile for the cropped screen. Now you can enjoy the game without having to worry about the entry point. The settings had a similarity effect and moves the UI elements slightly inward to prevent the rounded corners of the display from being cut into the UI elements. Once you’ve set everything up, you can also check out the best PUBG Mobile tips and tricks to get your chicken dinner.

List of phones with notes

Respect 108x tisztelet9N respectfully honor PlayHuawei Mate 20 ProHuawei Nova 3Huawei Nova 3iHuawei P20 ProiPhone XiPhone XRiPhone XSLG G7 ThinQLG G7 + ThinQLG V40Mi 8Mi 8 Explorer EditionMi 8 Lite Our 8 Promet 8 SEMicromax N11Micromax N12Motorola One PowerMotorola P30Nokia 6.1 PlusOnePlus 6OnePlus 6TOnePlus 6T McLaren EditionOppo A3sOppo A5Oppo A7Oppo F7Oppo F9Oppo F9 ProOppo R17 ProPixel 3XLPoco F1Realme 2Realme 2 ProRealme C1Realme U1Redmi 6 ProRedmi Note 6 ProVivo V11Vivo V11 ProVivo V9Vivo V9 ProVivo V9 YouthVivo Y81Vivo Y83Vivo Y95ZenFone Max M2 M2ZenFone Max M2

Enjoy PUBG Mobile on a device with a device

If you follow the steps mentioned above correctly, you should now be able to use PUBG Mobile on your toothed phone without having to worry about the part that interferes with the game. The new setting is quite handy for gaming, and given the fact that almost every modern smartphone has one form in one form or another, I’m sure many people use the line. Did you already know this new setting? How did turning on optimization affect the game? Let us know the comments below.

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