Windows XP How to upgrade to Windows 7

Windows XP How to upgrade to Windows 7.

By Andy Rathbone

  • . Windows 7 is not automatically X grade, which means you want to install Windows XP before you can install Windows 7.

Windows XP Windows 7 is a side street – you can’t go back to your old version of Windows. Don’t follow these instructions when you’re sure you’re ready for Windows 7.

Run Windows XPC Windows Easy Transfer.

Transfer your files and devices to a portable hard drive. Then plug in the portable drive and then disassemble.

Rename your Windows XP drive.

These things help keep things straight. Click StartGate My Computer, and then click your C drive. Rename, type XP and press.

You want to boot Windows 7 DVD from the computer by the way, but you will press a key to boot your PC from the D drive

Click Next.

It will install everything in English, including menu language, keyboard layout, and currency symbols.

Now click on install button.

Read the license agreement, accept the terms of the license, check, and click Next.

Select Custom (Advanced) – No Grade.

Custom is a list of your computer’s partitions and or drives.

. Then click Next.

Clicking on the format completely erases everything on the XP drive. There is no need to go back after completing this step, it is certain that you have backed up all your files.

When the formatting is complete, click Next.

Windows 7 starts installing automatically on your old Windows XP drive. It takes 10 to 30 minutes.

Tip your product and click Next.

The product key is usually on the sticker with the CD packaging.

If you are reinstalling a version of Windows 7, you are already installing it on your computer.

Enter your username and your computer name and click Next.

This name and some of you.

Type and re-type the password, then type the password hint, and then click Next.

A password mark is a phrase that reminds you of a password but doesn’t have to remove it.


It allows Windows Sketch to go with the Internet, alerts you to suspicious websites, checks for bad tracking information, and provides Microsoft technical information to improve Windows performance. Be done

  1. Confirm the time and date, and then click Next.
  • Windows 7 usually works correctly.
  • If you choose the location of your computer.
  • This setting determines the level of security, making the right choice.
  • Congratulations – you are now technically a member of Windows 7 Set. However, before that you will be very relaxed.

Use Windows Update View Windows Update

Make sure Windows 7 recognizes your software. Run your old programs to make sure they’re still working. They offer free updates or packages if they visit the manufacturer’s website.

Check user accounts. Make sure you’re correcting computer users’ accounts.

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