How much RAM do you need? Discovered different workloads.

How much RAM do you need? Discovered different workloads.
CG Director Author Alex Gleon by Alex Gleon / Updated October 2, 2021.
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How much RAM do you need? Discovered different workloads.

Have you chosen all the components for a brand new PC, but can’t decide how much RAM (random access memory) you need?

Or maybe you’re just starting work on a new pr

oject and want to see if an upgrade is necessary.


RAM configuration

The first, almost natural, is the desire to buy as much RAM as your budget allows. But that doesn’t always happen.

memory speeds and times, which is important for working in an active workload such as a viewport.

Reasons to upgrade your RAM.

how many different workloads you need.

We will also answer the most frequently asked questions on this topic and tell you what to keep in mind when deciding how much RAM you need to buy.

How much RAM do you need? An overview.
If you just want quick recommendations, here is our review table. Follow the links below to get the RAM requirements for your specific workload.

  • Workload / Task Minimum RAM required The amount recommended by RAM.Windows 10 1-2 GB 8 GB.
  • Windows 11 4GB 16GBUse basic 4-8GB 16GB daily.
    Video Editing 8-16GB 64GB.
    Graphic design 8-16GB 32GB.
    Motion design 8-16GB 64GB.
    3D modeling 8-16GB 32GB.
    3D rendering 8-16GB 64GB.
    CAD 8-16GB 64GB.
    Music output 8 GB 64 GB
    Programming 4GB 16GB
    Gaming 8-12GB 32GB.
    Streaming 8GB 16GB
    VR 16GB 32GB
    What is Ram?
    Okay, let’s start with some general information about random access memory, or RAM.

RAM modules in their RAM socket.
Image Source: G. Skills

What is it used for?
As simple as quoting Wikipedia is, its definition of RAM can help us understand it a little better.

RAM is computer memory that is commonly used to store working data and machine code. It allows objects to read or write data objects at the same time, regardless of the physical location of the data inside the memory.

Simply put, RAM is a kind of unstable memory (which means that any stored information is lost when lost) and it is incredibly fast.

It provides access to your requests and temporarily stores information when needed.

Maximum speed.
The speed of RAM depends on both its frequency and times.

This calculator allows you to calculate the absolute delay of the RAM module (time required to provide data to the CPU).

The shorter the delay, the better the workload that requires faster data access, such as video editing or gaming.

Ram delay
Image Source:

However, absolute delay is not the only factor to consider.

The maximum DDR4 RAM speed also depends on what you are using. So, here’s a quick recommendation (for Intel / AMD workstations) to get the most bang in 2021, choose the decent priced 3600 MHz CL16 memory.

You can find more information about memory and times in the Memory Purchase Guide.

Dual channel vs. single channel.
a RAM kit that includes two or four sticks of memory.


Single vs. dual channel memory.

Dual channel vs. single channel.

Benchmarks have proven that dual channel RAM has an advantage between 3 (Adobe Premier rendering) and 17 (Euler 3D benchmarks) compared to single channel cut.

Note – Although you may be tempted to run 3 memory modules for various reasons, I would advise against it

Combination of RAM units.

Can you use two different brands of RAM?

Manufacturers factory test each kit to ensure compatibility between all modules of the kit. If you purchase separate RAM kits, you waive this guarantee (regardless of brand, frequency and time).

This is why you choose your RAM storage wisely, and ideally, at the beginning of your build, which leads to the question:

How much RAM do you need?
We will go over some basic guidelines for buying memory for some popular workloads. If you want to know more about a topic, I have left links to internal or external articles.


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