Manual way to recover data from a bad OST file for Outlook. Computer Articles | September 16, 2021.

Manual way to recover data from a bad OST file for Outlook.
Computer Articles | September 16, 2021.

If the answer is yes. This post will help you in the possible solution of recovering data from corrupted OST files.

  • Causes and solutions to error recovering data from bad OST file.


In this article we will discuss ways to fix this error. We’ll show you how to delete a corrupted OST file step by step from Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003.

Let’s get started.


Let’s take a look at what OST files are and why they cause this error. Then, we’ll move on to some of the best ways to fix a bad file.

Reasons for error not recognizing OST file in Outlook.

Many Outlook users have trouble opening their mailboxes or missing items. Depending on the version you are using, you may encounter errors such as “OST file not recognized in Outlook 2010” or “OST file not recognized in Outlook 2016”.


As a result, consumers need to understand what the problem is.


The most common cause of this problem is OST file corruption. When an OST file is corrupted, Outlook does not recognize it.

An error may occur when the OST file does not match the size of the mailbox on the Exchange server.

Whenever the Exchange Server and OST file encounter a synchronization error.

As a result, Outlook will report errors in such cases.


So far, we’ve discussed some manual ways to solve these types of problems.


Manually retrieve data from corrupted OST file.

Resolve these types of issues facing Outlook users. The following manual tricks should be followed.


Method 1: Recover Data from a Bad OST File

This way users can use the scanpst.exe tool provided by MS Outlook. It is a built-in tool that helps users diagnose and repair corrupted OST files. To do this, follow these steps:


Start Inbox Repair Tool.

Click the Browse button to select the corrupted OST file.

The scanning process will begin after the start button is pressed.

Will generate a list of errors when the scan is complete. Next, press the Repair button.


remember –


Only minor corruption issues in the OST file will be addressed in these ways.
There is a risk of data loss if precautions are not taken.
If the file is severely corrupted, you will need to use an automated solution to resolve this issue.


Automatic anti-corruption solution “Not recognized by OST Outlook”.

You have no choice but to use third party tools as a solution. You can use SysTools OST Recovery software to fix all the errors in the manual technique.


It can easily solve corruption problems and give you access to data from Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 files. This program can decrypt OST emails and remove OST email encryption.


Method 2: Recreate the OST file.

This method can help users solve the problem. In Outlook, you need to create a new OST file. To create a new OST file, follow the steps in the section below:


Step 1: Close Outlook, go to Control Panel and click Mail button.


Step 2: Select Show profiles from the Mail Setup dialog box, then select your profile name and properties.


Step 3: Select the Exchange Account from the Email tab, click the Change button and enable Cached Exchange Mode.


Step 4: Select the offline folder file settings from the More Settings >> Advanced tab menu.


Step 5: Disable offline usage from the drop-down menu, then select Yes.


Step 6: Go back to the offline folder file settings and select OK and yes again.



Step 8: Select OK, then go ahead and finish.


Step 9: Account Settings and Mail Setup Wizard should now be closed.


Final thoughts.

We tried to fix the most common Outlook error in this article.

Recover data from a bad OST file We have suggested some manual methods to resolve this issue.

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